Meet Dasher!
Smart Delivery Companion.

Experience precision, efficiency, and reliability in every

Designed to Deliver
Beyond Expectations


Smart Obstacle Avoidance

Dual SLAM technology enables easy navigation through busy environments.


Centralized Operator Dashboard

Monitor and optimize multiple Dasher deliveries from one place.


AI based Mapping

Utilizes advanced AI algorithm for precise navigation and efficient deliveries.


Technical Specs:

Machine Dimensions 500mm x 1272mm
Weight 48.5 Kg
Navigation Technology Dual SLAM
Suspension Independent Suspension System
Battery Life 10+ Hours
Battery Type Lithium-Ion
Max Speed Up to 5 mph
Connectivity Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

Experience the Dasher Advantage

Dasher finds its place both in bustling restaurants and dynamic office spaces. In restaurants, it ensures hot, precise deliveries, while in offices, it streamlines mail distribution and even delivers a fresh cup of coffee to employees’ desks.

The competitive edge? Dasher boosts operational efficiency, minimizes interruptions, and elevates customer and employee experiences, setting businesses apart in today’s fast-paced world.

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    Cute bionic design creates a unique customer experience.
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    Optimizes table turnaround times and mail room operations.
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    Minimizes interruptions, enhancing workplace productivity
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    Enhances satisfaction with precise, timely deliveries.

Effortless, Automated
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Dasher Features


Extended Battery Life

With a battery life of 10+ hours and automated charging, Dasher can handle a full day of deliveries without interruption.


Independent Suspension System

Dasher’s independent suspension system ensures stability and reliability in all environments, ensuring your deliveries are smooth and precise.


Low Noise Mode

Dasher operates in a low noise mode during business hours, ensuring a quiet and unobtrusive cleaning experience.


Adorable Bionic Design

Dasher’s cute and charming design not only enhances customer experiences but also adds a touch of personality to your business.


High-Speed Capability

Dashers can reach speeds of up to 5 mph, ensuring swift and efficient deliveries in a timely manner.


Easy Menu Customization

Customize and update your menu offerings effortlessly, adapting to changing customer preferences and needs.


Efficient Order Tracking

Keep track of customer orders efficiently, ensuring precise handling, order splitting, and accurate deliveries.


Automated Charging

Dasher features automated charging capabilities, ensuring it’s always ready for the next delivery without manual intervention.