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Who We Are?

At Kody Robots, we're your partners in progress, dedicated to propelling your business into the future with cutting-edge robotic automation solutions. Our mission is to simplify tasks, enhance productivity, and lead innovation in robotics for a seamlessly automated future. With our robotic trio - Dasher, Athena, and Vulcan - we're reshaping industries and helping businesses thrive in the age of automation.


Kody Robots: A Trusted Partner for Innovative Solutions

Why Partner with Kody Robots?

Kody Robots, a part of Kody Technolab, is not just a robotics company; we're your gateway to a future of innovation and success. Here are three compelling reasons to partner with us.


State-of-the-art robotic solutions


Customized robotic systems


Dedicated support team


"Dasher has completely transformed the way we serve our customers at our Cafe. It's not just about efficiency; it's about experience. Our guests are delighted by the seamless delivery of their orders, and it's become a talking point in our reviews. Kody Robots has elevated our dining experience to a whole new level.”

Rachel Rothford

Restaurant Owner

“Dasher has been a game-changer for us. It ensures swift and accurate room service deliveries, even during our busiest hours. Our guests appreciate the convenience, and we've seen an uptick in guest satisfaction scores since implementing Dasher.”

Mark Ronsen

Motel Manager

"Athena has been an invaluable addition to our mall's security system. Its presence alone acts as a powerful deterrent, ensuring a safer shopping environment for our visitors. The real-time surveillance and quick response capabilities have proven vital in preventing incidents. Thanks to Kody Robots, we've significantly upgraded our mall's security.”

Ruth Rodriguez

Mall Operations Manager

"Vulcan has been a tremendous asset to our hospital. Maintaining a pristine and safe environment is critical in healthcare, and Vulcan ensures just that. Its meticulous cleaning routines and disinfection protocols have elevated our hygiene standards. Patients and staff alike appreciate the peace of mind it brings. It has become an essential part of our healthcare team."

Dr. Emily Turner

Chief Medical Officer

"Athena has brought a new level of efficiency and security to our warehouse operations. With its constant vigilance and real-time monitoring capabilities, we've significantly reduced the risk of theft and unauthorized access. It's like having an extra set of eyes on our valuable inventory."

Alex Martinez

Warehouse Manager


We offer a range of robots, including Dasher, Athena, and Vulcan, designed to cater to various business needs.

Robotics can enhance efficiency, productivity, and safety in your operations while reducing costs and errors.

Yes, our robots can be tailored to meet your unique business needs and integrate seamlessly into your operations.

Yes, Dasher is versatile and can be used in various settings, including restaurants and office spaces.

Athena's adaptability extends to industries like corporate campuses, healthcare facilities, shopping malls, and more.

Vulcan's high cleaning efficiency ensures pristine results, making it ideal for large areas like offices, hospitals, and more.

Yes, we provide comprehensive customer support and maintenance services to ensure the optimal performance of our robots.

Yes, we offer demos to give you firsthand experience with our robots and their capabilities.

Yes, our robots are user-friendly, and we provide training and support.

Yes, our robots are designed with safety features and comply with industry standards.