Your Surveillance Sentinel.

Born with advanced security features to safeguard and empower.

Experience Security That Never Rests


360° Ultra HD Recording

Witness exceptional clarity with Athena’s eye-level 360° ultra HD recordings.


Precise AI-based People Detection

Minimize false alarms with Athena’s AI based people detection technology.


Live Audio with Two-way Intercom

Communicate effortlessly and enhance situational awareness with intercom.


Technical Specs:

Machine Dimensions 1400mm (H), 500mm (D)
Weight 55Kg
Camera 18x Zoom (4 Nos.)
Thermal Imaging 10 to 550 ℃ range (Wide Angle)
Microphone 4 mic array
Speaker 9 Watt
Type Lithium ion 25.6V / 20Ah
Charging Automatic

Ideal Security Solution for Every Space

Athena’s adaptability transcends boundaries. From safeguarding corporate campuses to bustling shopping malls and sensitive healthcare facilities, Athena excels in diverse environments. Its presence ensures unmatched security, granting businesses a distinct competitive advantage.

With features like enhanced protection, real-time monitoring, 360° ultra HD recording, and advanced people detection, Athena not only safeguards assets but also empowers organizations with comprehensive surveillance solutions.

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    Faster response time to security incidents
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    Reduces the rate of false alarms
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    Enhances the safety of personnel and assets
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    Increases incident prevention through real-time monitoring

Manage Athena from a Centralized Dashboard

Athena Features


Extended Surveillance Time

With Athena’s efficient power management, enjoy extended surveillance hours without frequent recharging.


Quick Intercom Access

Routed to client-specified phone numbers, Athena allows swift communication during critical situations.


Smart Alerts and Announcements

Send important announcements or alerts to specific areas through Athena’s integrated P.A. speaker/horn.


Easy Deployment

Athena’s ease of installation and setup ensures a hassle-free deployment process.


Customizable Settings

Tailor Athena’s settings to meet your specific security needs and preferences


Scalable Security

Easily expand your security network by adding more Athena units as your requirements grow


Robust Connectivity

Reliable 4G LTE connectivity ensures that Athena is always connected, providing real-time updates.