Serving Robot for Hospitals

Automate medication distribution, food delivery to patients’ beds, and other non-clinical tasks in your hospital with the AI-powered autonomous serving robot, Dasher!

Improve Patient Care & Hospital Efficiency with a Serving Robot!

Dasher seamlessly integrates into hospital environments, taking over routine tasks such as collecting lab specimens, delivering medications, transporting medical supplies, and supporting patient care. As an autonomous robot in hospitals, Dasher can navigate effortlessly through busy hallways, ensuring timely and precise services, thereby reducing the workload on healthcare professionals.

By minimizing wait times and automating routine tasks, Dasher improves efficiency and staff morale. With Dasher, the versatile robot designed to meet the dynamic needs of modern healthcare, you can elevate your hospital’s standards.

Optimize your hospital operations with an AI-powered Serving Robot, Dasher

  • Improve Resource Utilization

    Improve Resource Utilization


  • Boost in Staff Morale

    Boost in Staff Morale


  • Improve Staff-to-patient Ratio

    Improve Staff-to-patient Ratio


  • Enhance Workflow Coordination

    Enhance Workflow Coordination


Empower your hospital staff with the innovative AI powered robot companion!

See Dasher in action and discover how it can revolutionize your hospital operations, enabling your staff to deliver exceptional patient care.

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Features that make Dasher an ideal serving robot for Hospitals


Smart Obstacle Avoidance

Dasher’s obstacle avoidance technology ensures safe and smooth navigation, avoiding collisions with patients, staff, and equipment.


Customize Map

Dasher’s customizable map allows you to program its routes and ensures it efficiently navigates between wards, labs, and patient rooms.


10+ Hours of Battery Life

With a long-lasting battery, Dasher can operate throughout a shift without needing to be recharged, ensuring continuous serving in hospital.


Automated Charging

This hospital robot automatically returns to a charging station when needed, eliminating the need for manual intervention and minimizing downtime.


Low noise operation

Dasher, the serving robot for hospitals, operates with minimal noise, ensuring a serene atmosphere is preserved throughout the hospital.


Independent Suspension System

Dasher handles uneven surfaces and obstacles with ease, ensuring safe and reliable deliveries of medications and samples.

Why do you need an AI-powered serving robot like Dasher in your hospital?

With Dasher you can
  • Ensure timely and accurate delivery of medications to patients.
  • Efficiently handle the transportation of medical supplies, reducing downtime.
  • Assist you with non-critical tasks, allowing nurses to focus on patient care.
  • Quickly transport samples to labs, ensuring fast processing times.
  • Ensure patients receive their meals on time, enhancing their experience.
  • Boost overall efficiency with its tireless work ethic and ability to automate repetitive tasks.

Future-Proof Your Hospital with AI-Powered Service Robots!

You can deploy Dasher, the serving robot in hospitals, and automate routine tasks, including meal delivery to patient beds, specimen collection, transporting dirty laundry and linens to designated areas, bringing back clean supplies to patient rooms, and more.

Dasher is a versatile serving robot with three customizable trays, each capable of carrying 4 to 5 kg so that you can use it to automate various errands in your hospital, employing human staff where they are needed the most.

Optimize Hospital Staff Efficiency with Autonomous Serving Robots

More than just a machine, our AI-powered serving robot, Dasher, is a perfect companion your hospital staff needs to get more done in less time and effort. Besides, tasks that require multiple nurses can be accomplished with a single nurse and Dasher. Whether it’s about serving meals to patients or collecting dirty linens from patient rooms, the AI powered robot at hospitals can accomplish this precisely with its smart navigation technology.

Dasher’s ability to execute more than a single person’s tasks with its autonomous navigation simplifies patient care processes in the hospital. Consequently, you will be able to optimize your hospital staff’s ability to improve patient treatments and provide personalized care.


Technical Specs:

Machine Dimensions 500mm x 1272mm
Weight 48.5 Kg
Navigation Technology Dual SLAM
Suspension Independent Suspension System
Battery Life 10+ Hours
Battery Type Lithium-Ion
Max Speed Up to 5 mph
Connectivity Wi-Fi, Bluetooth


Dasher handles routine tasks such as delivering medications, transporting medical supplies, and supporting patient care, allowing healthcare professionals to focus on critical tasks and improving overall hospital efficiency.

Kody Robots’ Dasher can deliver medications, transport medical supplies, assist with patient care, and even help with sanitation by transporting linens and bedsheets from to laundry, making it a versatile hospital robot.

Equipped with advanced SLAM technology, this autonomous robot in hospitals can navigate smoothly through crowded spaces, avoiding obstacles and ensuring timely and accurate deliveries.

Yes, Dasher has an extended battery life of over 10 hours and features autonomous charging, ensuring it can operate continuously throughout long hospital shifts.

Dasher operates in low noise mode, ensuring a peaceful and unobtrusive presence in sensitive hospital areas.

Introducing an AI-powered serving robot, Dasher in hospitals enhances the hospital’s technological appeal, impressing patients and visitors and positioning your healthcare facility as forward-thinking and innovative.

The working robot price in India for Dasher varies based on customization and specific hospital needs. Contact us for a detailed quote and cost analysis.