Food Serving Robot for Restaurants!

Upgrade the dining experience
for your customers with our AI-powered food serving robot, Dasher!

From Kitchen to Table: Give your restaurant a futuristic touch.

Dasher redefines how restaurants serve food, seamlessly integrating into your existing workflow. Powered with advanced AI, Dasher ensures timely and accurate food delivery, enhancing the dining experience for both staff and customers. This food serving robot navigates effortlessly through crowded spaces, maintaining a smooth and efficient service.

Implementing food robots in restaurants reduces human error and minimizes wait times, ensuring your patrons enjoy a flawless dining experience. From fine dining to casual eateries, Dasher is adaptable, reliable, and ready to serve!

Dasher is ready to make a positive impact to your Restaurant KPIs.

  • Increase in Table Turnover

    Increase in Table Turnover

    17 to 20%*

  • Reduction in Wait Time

    Reduction in Wait Time

    25 to 30%*

  • Boost in Staff Productivity

    Boost in Staff Productivity


  • Decrease in Operational Costs

    Decrease in Operational Costs


Make your restaurant the talk of the town with Dasher!

Experience how AI serving robots in restaurants can transform your service, attract more patrons, and streamline operations.

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Dasher's features that make serving every order special.


Dual SLAM Technology

Smart Obstacle Avoidance ensures precise navigation and avoids obstacles effortlessly, making it ideal for busy restaurant environments.


Extended Battery Life

10+ Hour Operation Provides continuous service throughout the day with automated charging, ensuring uninterrupted deliveries.


Independent Suspension System

Stable navigation guarantees stability and smooth movement on various surfaces, ensuring reliable delivery of orders.


Low Noise Mode

The AI robot for restaurants, Dasher operates silently during business hours, maintaining a peaceful and pleasant dining atmosphere.


High-Speed Capability

Reaches at a speed of up to 5 mph, ensuring quick and efficient service even during peak hours.


Centralized Dashboard

The system allows easy monitoring and optimization of multiple Dasher units with easy menu customization and order management.


Adorable Bionic Design

The charming and friendly appearance of robot waiters in restaurants enhances the dining experience and delights customers.


Efficient Order Tracking

Dasher also allows you to track and split orders accurately, guaranteeing precise and timely deliveries every time.

Why you need an AI powered food serving robot like Dasher in your restaurant?

With Dasher you can
  • Never miss a delivery during peak hours with Dasher’s swift and efficient service.
  • Charm your guests with Dasher’s adorable bionic design, making every meal memorable.
  • Experience smooth service as Dasher expertly navigates crowded dining areas.
  • Keep the ambiance serene with Dasher’s low noise mode, ensuring a peaceful dining environment.
  • Maximize staff productivity by letting Dasher handle repetitive and time-consuming tasks.
  • Impress your customers with timely, hot, and fresh food deliveries, enhancing their overall dining experience.

Robot waiters for restaurants to keep efficiency constant!

The heart of your restaurant is the dining experience. But endless trips back and forth from the kitchen can leave your staff feeling burnt out and your customers feeling forgotten. Dasher, the intelligent food serving robot, frees your team to focus on what matters most – creating an unforgettable atmosphere for your guests.

Let Dasher Robot drive happier staff, faster service, and a dining experience that keeps your customers coming back for more.

A smart companion for your staff to automate food serving

The restaurant industry is renowned for its fast-paced and demanding nature. Endless trips back and forth from the kitchen, juggling customer requests, and maintaining a positive attitude throughout long shifts can leave even the most experienced wait staff feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.

That’s where Dasher comes in. Dasher isn’t here to replace your team but to empower them. The AI-powered food serving robot takes the repetitive tasks off your team’s plate (literally!), freeing them to focus on connecting with customers, building rapport, and going the extra mile for exceptional service.


Technical Specs:

Machine Dimensions 500mm x 1272mm
Weight 48.5 Kg
Navigation Technology Dual SLAM
Suspension Independent Suspension System
Battery Life 10+ Hours
Battery Type Lithium-Ion
Max Speed Up to 5 mph
Connectivity Wi-Fi, Bluetooth


Dasher uses advanced Dual SLAM technology for precise navigation, allowing it to operate crowded dining areas smoothly and avoid obstacles effortlessly. This technology makes Dasher an ideal robot for restaurant environments.

Dasher boasts an extended battery life of over 10 hours, ensuring it can handle a full day of deliveries without interruption. Its automated charging capabilities also ensure Dasher is always ready for continuous operation.

No, Dasher operates in a low-noise mode during business hours, ensuring a quiet and unobtrusive dining experience for your patrons. The feature makes this robot waiter ideal for maintaining a pleasant atmosphere in restaurants.

Dasher’s independent suspension system guarantees stability, ensuring that dishes are delivered smoothly and remain in perfect condition. The system enhances the dining experience by keeping food hot and fresh, proving the efficiency of robots in restaurants.

Absolutely! Kody Robots‘ Dasher is designed for efficiency and speed, capable of reaching up to 5 mph to ensure swift deliveries even during the busiest times. That’s why it can be an invaluable asset for managing peak hours in restaurants.

Dasher has a centralized dashboard that makes it easy to monitor and manage multiple units. It also supports easy menu customization and order management, ensuring seamless integration into your existing restaurant operations.

Customers generally find Dasher’s adorable bionic design engaging and delightful, enhancing their dining experience and adding a unique touch to your restaurant. Having a robot waiter in your restaurant can help you stand out from the rest.

Dasher Robot features efficient order tracking, allowing it to handle, split, and deliver orders precisely. Hence, it becomes easy to ensure that every customer receives exactly what they ordered, highlighting the accuracy of robots in restaurants.

Dasher’s independent suspension system allows it to navigate uneven surfaces with ease, maintaining stability and reliability in various environments. So, even if there is any obstacle, the AI robot can easily avoid it, ensuring smooth operations.

By taking over repetitive and time-consuming tasks, Dasher allows your staff to focus on more important aspects of customer service, ultimately enhancing overall efficiency and satisfaction. This demonstrates the transformative impact of AI robots in restaurants.