Serving Robot for Offices

Our office serving robot can zip effortlessly through your office, delivering essential supplies, coffee, and snacks, creating a futuristic environment around the workplace.

Upgrade Your Office: Meet the Next-Gen AI Powered Serving Robot!

The AI-powered innovative office robot, Dasher seamlessly integrates with your existing workflow. You can make it an office desk robot or a personal assistant on wheels.

From ensuring flawless meetings by delivering last-minute printouts to keeping events impressive with surprise snack deliveries and effortless refreshment management, autonomous serving robot – Dasher transforms your workday. With this serving robot at work, you can automate delivering documents, snacks, and essential supplies with pinpoint precision across your premises.

Impacts of having Dasher office robot in the corporate premises

  • Delivery Accuracy Across Office

    Delivery Accuracy Across Office


  • Optimize Office Management

    Optimize Office Management


  • Maximize Resource Time

    Maximize Resource Time


  • Boost in Employee Satisfaction

    Boost in Employee Satisfaction


Create a Futuristic Workplace by introducing the Serving Robot in your Office!

Watch Office robot handling routine errands, ensuring timely and accurate deliveries of documents, snacks, and supplies, all while maintaining a peaceful work environment.

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Dasher's qualifications as an ideal office assistance companion!


Auto Navigation

Dual Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) technology allows Dasher to navigate complex office environments independently and efficiently.


Smart Obstacle Detection

With advanced sensors, Dasher robots at work maneuver through even the most crowded office with ease, ensuring swift deliveries and avoiding collisions.


Customizable Routes

Program specific delivery routes within your office layout for maximum efficiency of robots at work and reduced travel time.


Low Noise Mode

The office robot is designed to operate with minimal noise preserving a calm and focused work atmosphere even during busy events.


10+ Hour Battery Life

The serving robot for offices can keep pace with your long office hours thanks to its extended battery life and automated charging.


Custom Admin Panel

You can adjust routes, track deliveries, and optimize the performance of multiple serving robots in your office from a central hub.

Re-energize Your Office Dynamics with Robotic Assistants

With Dasher you can
  • Ensure important documents reach the right desks swiftly and securely.
  • Keep your employees energized with on-demand snack and beverage deliveries.
  • Efficiently handle office supplies, reducing downtime.
  • Deliver meeting materials and refreshments without disrupting the flow.
  • Greet employees with a special message on their birthday and anniversaries.
  • Create a modern and efficient office atmosphere.

Reimagine your workplace with the Office Robot – Dasher

Are your office assistants tired of paper chases, lagging energy levels, and constant supply runs? It’s time to create a modern, efficient, and vibrant work environment with Dasher, the serving robot for offices. Dasher handles office supplies with robotic efficiency, minimizing downtime and keeping the frustration of running for supplies between meetings at bay.

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Workplace-friendly robot at work

Dasher, your innovative autonomous serving robot for offices, is here to free your employees from mundane tasks like fetching supplies or tea/coffee runs. The office serving robot, Dasher can help your team by bringing documents, stationery items, chargers from across the premises, or snacks from the pantry.

With Dasher, your team will save valuable time on trivial errands and can focus on achieving their goals. By automating these routine tasks, Dasher contributes to a more efficient workflow, helping employees focus on their productivity, and creating a modern corporate environment.


Technical Specs:

Machine Dimensions 500mm x 1272mm
Weight 48.5 Kg
Navigation Technology Dual SLAM
Suspension Independent Suspension System
Battery Life 10+ Hours
Battery Type Lithium-Ion
Max Speed Up to 5 mph
Connectivity Wi-Fi, Bluetooth


Kody Robots‘ Dasher handles routine tasks such as delivering documents, snacks, and supplies, allowing staff to focus on more critical work, thus improving overall office efficiency.

Dasher can deliver documents, snacks, and supplies, and even assist during meetings by bringing materials and refreshments, making it a versatile office robot.

Dasher has an extended battery life of over 10 hours, ensuring continuous operation throughout the entire workday.

Equipped with Dual SLAM technology, Dasher can smoothly navigate crowded environments, avoiding obstacles and ensuring accurate deliveries.

No, Dasher operates in low noise mode, ensuring a quiet and unobtrusive presence in the office.

Yes, Dasher features a centralized dashboard that can integrate with existing systems for seamless task management and monitoring.

The working robot price in India for Dasher varies based on customization and specific office needs. Contact us for a detailed quote.

Introducing Dasher enhances the office’s technological appeal, impressing clients and visitors, and positioning your business as forward-thinking and innovative.