Hi, I am Vulcan.
Your Cleaning Companion.

Say goodbye to floor cleaning worries and hello to effortless, efficient,
heavy-duty cleaning, with Vulcan, autonomous cleaning robot.

Heavy-Duty Smart Cleaning Robot


High Cleaning Efficiency

Vulcan’s cutting-edge cleaning mechanism reduces cleaning time with pristine results.


Continuous Operation

Designed for heavy-duty cleaning, Vulcan is an industrial cleaning robot, boasting extended battery life and automated charging.


Effortless Cleaning

Vulcan’s powerful cleaning technology effortlessly removes dirt and stains, making it perfect a cleaning robot for large areas like airports, offices, hospitals etc.


Technical Specs:

Machine Dimensions 1160mm (L), 580mm (W), 1210mm (H)
Weight 254kg (without water)
Scrub Deck Width 510mm
Suction Rake Width 790mm
Clean Water Tank 70L
Sewage Tank 50L
Ground Pressure 27kg
Work Efficiency 2040 m2/h

Experience the Future of Heavy-Duty Cleaning

Vulcan transcends cleaning boundaries with its adaptability across diverse environments. From expansive industrial spaces to bustling healthcare facilities, airports and corporate offices, Vulcan, the smart cleaning robot, stands as the epitome of powerful, efficient cleaning.

Its presence doesn’t just maintain cleanliness; it offers businesses a competitive edge through optimized resource allocation and elevated hygiene standards.

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    Increased operational efficiency and cost savings
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    Safer & healthier environment
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    Productivity boost with resource re-allocation
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    Achieve higher standards of cleanliness

Centralized Control
For Simplified Cleaning

Vulcan Features


Functional Diversity

Adapt Vulcan for various cleaning tasks with replaceable module accessories and scene disinfection capabilities.


User-Friendly Operation

Experience “zero learning cost” operation with an intuitive interface for effortless robot control.


High Cleaning Efficiency

Vulcan’s powerful cleaning components tackle stains efficiently, delivering a cleaning rate of up to 2040 m2/h.


Safety and Reliability

Multiple sensor fusion ensures intelligent recognition, obstacle avoidance, and safety during operation.


Digital Management

Real-time monitoring and statistics provide insights into Vulcan’s performance.


International Standard

Compliant with European safety requirements, ensuring secure lead-acid battery storage.


Extended Working Hours

A 70L clean water tank and 120AH battery capacity enable continuous, long-lasting cleaning.


Advanced Positioning

Precise mapping and self-positioning using a laser and visual fusion system with AI algorithms


Vulcan is ideal for large-scale industrial environments such as manufacturing plants, warehouses, airports and logistics centers where high-efficiency cleaning is required.

As an industrial smart cleaning robot, Vulcan utilizes autonomous technologies to manage large area cleanings, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

Yes, Vulcan is equipped to handle various types of debris and liquids typically found in industrial settings, ensuring a thorough cleaning process.

Vulcan uses sophisticated mapping and navigation systems to autonomously navigate large spaces, ensuring all areas are covered and cleaned thoroughly without disrupting ongoing operations.

Regular maintenance includes checking the brushes and filters, updating software, and occasional battery replacements to keep Vulcan running smoothly.

By automating the cleaning processes, Vulcan minimizes human exposure to potentially hazardous materials and environments, enhancing workplace safety.

Vulcan is built to withstand harsh conditions, with robust construction and dust, water, and chemical resistance.

At Kody Robots, our dedication to innovation and quality sets us apart. Each Vulcan robot is crafted at our facility in India with cutting-edge technology designed to offer superior cleaning performance. As a cleaning robot manufacturer from India, we provide comprehensive service, including customer support, training, and maintenance, ensuring our robots not only meet but exceed the unique needs of our clients.