Get Dasher!
Smart Serving Robot

Experience the power of a smart serving robot to enhance precision, efficiency, and reliability in restaurants and hotels.

Impress Customers and Empower Staff with the Food Serving Robot, Dasher!

Get Your Ultimate Hospitality Companion!

Integrate Dasher, the robot server in your restaurant, and elevate your ambiance and efficiency in order-fulfilling. Dasher's advanced features and customizable options will impress and keep your diners coming back for more.

  • Special discounted price for the first 100 robots.
  • Available for rent at affordable price
  • Upsell or cross-sell with an 18” interactive display
  • Make timely deliveries during peak hours
  • Smart companion for your staff
  • Serve more customers in less time

Book a Serving Robot, Elevate Customer Service!

    Onboarding Process

    Integrating Dasher with your property's high-end service landscape.


    Increase Revenue with Enhanced Service!

    Include Dasher in your staff to impress guests, serve more tables, and reduce errors as this smart serving robot’s AI ensures accuracy and consistency!

    Serve More Guests
    in Less Time

    Dasher, the robot waiter, increases efficiency and throughput, boosting your revenue potential.

    Minimize Human

    Dasher, the AI robot, ensures order accuracy and consistency, enhancing your service and reputation.

    Automate Routine

    Let your staff focus on providing exceptional customer service and building guest relationships.

    Elevate The Dining Experience

    Precise and timely deliveries maintain food quality, ensuring guest satisfaction.

    Why Choose Dasher?

    Dasher, a serving robot for restaurants manufactured in India is the perfect solution for modern eateries seeking to,

    Timely Deliveries

    Our robot waiter ensures meals arrive swiftly and efficiently, keeping your customers happy and your tables turning quickly.

    Maintain Food Quality

    Dasher's swift and reliable service minimizes the time food spends in transit, preserving its optimal temperature and taste.

    Allow Staff to Focus

    Since the Dasher handles deliveries, your staff will be free to focus on what they do best - providing exceptional customer service and building relationships with your guests.

    Speed and Agility

    The Dual SLAM technology in the Dasher ensures seamless navigation across your restaurant, delivering food quickly and efficiently, even during peak hours.

    Upselling and Cross-selling

    Suggest tempting appetizers, desserts, beverages, or offers on Dasher’s 18” color display to increase your average order value.

    Buy or Lease

    Choose the option that fits your needs! We offer both purchase and lease options for Dasher, making it easy to add this valuable asset to your restaurant.

    Comprehensive Support with AMC

    Our Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) guarantees that Dasher remains in excellent working condition, offering you peace of mind and ensuring that your operations run smoothly.

    24/7 access to our dedicated support team

    Scheduled maintenance visits

    Automatic software updates

    Continuous performance monitoring

    Ongoing training sessions

    Quick on-site repair service


    Dasher is designed to complement your existing staff, not replace them. It handles routine tasks like food delivery, freeing your staff to focus on guest interaction, and providing exceptional service.

    Dasher's sleek design adds a modern touch to your restaurant. Many customers find robot servers fascinating and enjoy the novelty. Dasher can also be a conversation starter, creating a positive and memorable dining experience.

    Dasher uses advanced mapping and navigation technology to move safely and efficiently around your restaurant. During the onboarding process, Kody Robots' team will work with you to define Dasher's optimal route, ensuring smooth operation.

    Our team will conduct a thorough site assessment to ensure Dasher integrates smoothly into your existing layout. Dasher's compact design allows it to navigate most restaurant environments.

    Dasher comes with a comprehensive warranty and our dedicated support team is available to address any issues promptly. We also offer staff training on basic maintenance procedures.

    Dasher offers both purchasing and leasing options to fit your budget. The increased efficiency and potential for higher revenue can help offset the cost.