Kody Robots Shines at GITEX 2023, unveils Multiple Robots for Automation of Business Operations 

Dubai, UAEKody Robots, powered by Kody Technolab, the leading software development company from India, made a resounding impact at GITEX GLOBAL 2023, one of the world’s premier tech events, held at the Dubai World Trade Centre. The company showcased an array of revolutionary robotics solutions, attracting an audience from diverse industries who were eager to explore the possibilities of automation and innovation. 

The exhibition space buzzed with excitement as Kody Robots’ live demonstrations brought their robotics solutions to life. Their robots, Dasher, Athena, and Vulcan stole the limelight, captivating visitors with practical applications that extend across sectors. With a staggering footfall of over 10,000 attendees, including industry leaders from food, hospitality, security, retail and healthcare, the event offered a platform for Kody Robots to showcase the transformative potential of their robotic innovations. 

Dasher, Athena, and Vulcan showcased their prowess, leaving a lasting impression on visitors from multiple industries. Dasher enthralled visitors with its ability to revolutionize the food and hospitality industry with its efficient, real-time order delivery capabilities. Athena, the surveillance robot’s impressive capabilities, including 360° Ultra HD recording, AI-based people detection, and live two-way intercom, left visitors in awe.  

Meanwhile, Vulcan, the autonomous floor cleaning robot, captured the attention of visitors with its advanced AI-based cleaning technology which is perfectly suited for healthcare facilities and large corporate offices. The application of these robots in automating and revolutionizing multiple industries is what was particularly striking. 

Kody Technolab’s participation in GITEX 2023 has set the stage for a significant business transformation. With inquiries pouring in, many businesses expressed interest in acquiring the robots, either for large-scale deployments or as prototypes for testing. The company is witnessing an upsurge in requests for dealerships and distributorships of Kody Robots, especially in the United States and the Middle East. 

This successful participation at GITEX 2023 is a testament to Kody Robots’ commitment to innovation and excellence. It reaffirms their dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology and consolidating their position as a global leader in software development. 

About Kody Robots:

Kody Robots, a division of Kody Technolab, is dedicated to improving businesses operations through robotic automation. Being part of a company, which has delivered over 250 projects and garnered the satisfaction of 150+ clients across 30+ countries, Kody Robots is on a mission to cultivate a symbiotic relationship between humanity and technology.