Zee 24 Kalak Featured Kody Technolab’s Cutting-Edge Robots Dazzle at Tuneland: Athena’s Vigilance, Dasher’s Delights

Zee 24 Kalak recently featured Kody Technolab’s cutting-edge AI-powered robots, Athena (a surveillance robot) and Dasher (a serving robot), in action at the Tuneland Music Fest 2024. These robots, alongside the enchanting tunes of B Praak Songs and Vishal Mishra Songs, are transforming event experiences with innovative technology.

Athena, Kody Technolab’s autonomous surveillance robot, diligently ensures the safety of event attendees. Equipped with advanced AI and surveillance systems, Athena creates a secure environment for everyone to enjoy the event worry-free.

Meanwhile, Dasher, the autonomous serving robot, impressively caters to guests’ needs. Navigating seamlessly through the event space, Dasher offers refreshments, enhancing the overall guest experience and showcasing Kody Technolab’s dedication to innovation.

Zee 24 Kalak’s coverage highlights Kody Technolab’s expertise in AI-powered robotics and commitment to creating smart solutions. For more updates on Kody Technolab’s groundbreaking technologies and their impact, stay tuned with us.