Kody Robots’ Skanda, India’s most advanced and AI-powered Humanoid Robot revealed by Zee 24 Kalak

Highlights of how our surprise star, Humanoid robot Skändä, left visitors in awe by chanting “Jai Shree Ram!” at the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit.

Its presence transcended the realm of technology, becoming a cultural touchstone that resonated with the audience.

Besides audience, our robots attracted the attention of the media and got featured in the exclusive coverage by Zee 24 Kalak News along with other robots.

The in-house delivery robot- Dasher showcased its efficient navigation demonstrating its potential to revolutionize the serving restaurant industry. Athena, the vigilant surveillance robot, showcased its potential to enhance security measures. Vulcan, the heavy-duty cleaning robot, demonstrated its prowess in maintaining pristine environments.

Finally, Telos, the smart robotic arm, provided a glimpse into the future of automation and precision.