Gujarati Jagran spotlights Kody Technolab’s AI-Powered Robots (Athena & Dasher) at Tuneland Music Fest 2024

Gujarati Jagran, a reputable news outlet, has recently showcased Kody Technolab’s cutting-edge AI-powered robots at the Tuneland Music Fest 2024. This festival, proudly presented by Kody Technolab, serves as a platform to unveil the latest advancements in robotics from a leading robotics company in India.

Kody Robots powered by Kody Technolab’s AI-powered robots are revolutionizing the festival experience, blending seamlessly into the lively atmosphere. These autonomous robots, driven by advanced artificial intelligence, actively contribute to enhancing the overall ambiance of the event.

Among these remarkable robots is Athena, Kody Technolab’s autonomous surveillance robot. Athena plays a crucial role in ensuring a safe and secure environment for all festival attendees, utilizing its advanced AI and surveillance capabilities.

Additionally, Dasher, the autonomous serving robot, adds a touch of convenience and innovation to the festival. Navigating through designated areas, Dasher offers refreshments and drinks, delighting attendees and showcasing Kody Technolab’s expertise in smart catering solutions.

The presence of these AI-powered robots has captured widespread attention, underscoring Kody Technolab’s leadership in robotics innovation and commitment to enhancing live events through cutting-edge technology.

Discover the full scoop in this featured report, where Gujarati Jagran takes you through the incredible showcase of our cutting-edge robots!