ANI News Highlights Kody Technolab’s Title Sponsorship and Robot Showcase at Tuneland 2024

We are excited to announce that Kody Technolab is partnering with Tuneland Music Festival 2024, featuring our advanced robots that promise to revolutionize festival experiences. Featured in a detailed article by ANI News, our commitment to integrating high-tech robotics at the festival has been highlighted as a game-changer in enhancing event security and guest services.

At this upcoming event, where security is paramount for over 20,000 attendees, Kody Robots is going to deploy Athena, India’s top autonomous surveillance robot. With advanced AI, Athena guarantees a safe environment, continuously monitored with sophisticated detection systems. Attendees will witness Athena’s excellence through live feeds, highlighting our commitment to transparency and innovation. Alongside Athena, our autonomous serving robot, Dasher will elevate the festival experience by delivering drinks and refreshments, showcasing our dedication to integrating advanced technology into everyday life for more interactive and enjoyable environments.

This initiative not only showcases our innovative edge but also our dedication to improving large-scale public events. Our robots are set to ensure a seamless, safe, and enjoyable environment, reinforcing Kody Technolab’s position as a leader in robotics innovation in India.

We appreciate this opportunity to push the boundaries of what technology can achieve in entertainment, ensuring unforgettable experiences for all festival-goers.