Kody Robots’ Robotic Revolution at Vibrant Gujarat 2024

9th - 13th Jan 2024
Stall Number
Hall 10 – Stall No. P14
Mahatma Mandir, Gujarat, India


The Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2024, held from January 9th to 13th at Mahatma Mandir, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, became a showcase of innovation and technology, significantly marked by Kody Robots’ (powered by Kody Technolab Ltd) participation as a trailblazer in AI and robotics, Kody Robots, stationed at Hall 10 – Stall No. P14 captivated the event attendees with its state-of-the-art robotic solutions.

Kody Robots, an emerging innovator in robotics manufacturing company in India, leveraged this platform to present its advanced robotic solutions, drawing attention from industry experts, stakeholders, and media alike. The company’s display included a range of robots designed to address various industry needs, demonstrating the versatility and potential of robotics in transforming business landscapes.

Among the showcased robots, Dasher emerged as a star, redefining service and delivery standards with its dual SLAM navigation system and obstacle avoidance capabilities. This robot, designed with a bionic structure and multimodal interaction features, captivated the audience with its ability to navigate complex environments, making it an ideal solution for in-house delivery services in restaurants and offices.

Athena, the robotic sentinel, offered a new dimension to surveillance and security. With its 360° eye-level Ultra HD recording and AI-based people detection, Athena provides an advanced level of monitoring, ensuring safety and efficiency in its operations. Customizing patrol routes and accessing real-time video feeds made Athena a reliable guardian for any setting requiring stringent security measures.

The cleaning domain witnessed a revolution with Vulcan, a robot that exemplified the blend of intelligent navigation and high-efficiency cleaning. Vulcan’s eco-friendly and energy-efficient approach, combined with its advanced safety sensors and remote monitoring capabilities, presented a forward-thinking solution for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in various environments.

In the arena of precision and efficiency, Telos stood out as an advanced robotic arm designed to automate and streamline complex industrial tasks. Its precise control and repeatability of ±0.05 mm made it an invaluable asset in applications ranging from packaging to intricate assembly work, showcasing the potential of robotics in enhancing productivity and operational efficiency.

The summit’s crowning moment was the unveiling of Skändä, India’s most advanced and indigenous AI-powered humanoid robot. This event was a product launch and a statement of India’s burgeoning capabilities in the global tech landscape. Skändä, with its advanced AI and interactive communication features, quickly became the center of attraction, symbolizing the dawn of a new era in human-robot interaction.

Kody Robots’ presentation at the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2024 was a narrative of progress and innovation. Each robot, with its unique capabilities, narrated a story of how technology can seamlessly integrate into various sectors to create more innovative, intelligent, and efficient solutions. The company’s commitment to leveraging AI and ML in robotics was evident in our robotics products’ sophisticated design and functionality, highlighting a future where robotics and human endeavour converge to create unparalleled value and convenience.

This participation not only showcased Kody Robots’ robotics excellence but also aligned with the broader objectives of the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2024 – fostering innovation, encouraging business collaboration, and highlighting the potential of digitization in shaping the future.

The summit, thus, served as a perfect backdrop for Kody Robots to demonstrate its prowess in robotics manufacturing, setting new benchmarks for technological advancements and reinforcing the role of AI and robotics in driving global progress.