Kody Robots at Gujarat Police Expo 2024

25th to 27th Jan 2024
Junagadh, Gujarat, India


The Gujarat Police Expo 2024, held from January 25 to 27 in Junagadh, emerged as a landmark event, epitomizing the synergy between advanced technology and law enforcement. At this exposition, Kody Robots powered by Kody Technolab Ltd., a pioneer in AI-based robotic solutions, took center stage, presenting their state-of-the-art robots, Skändä and Athena, which became the embodiments of futuristic policing.

Kody Robots’ showcase was a testament to the potential of AI in transforming the dynamics of law enforcement. Skändä, the humanoid robot, received a ceremonial honor by being dressed in a police sub-inspector uniform, symbolizing the integration of robotics into the policing framework. This act was more than ceremonial; it represented a forward-thinking approach to law enforcement, envisioning a future where technology and human forces collaborate to enhance public safety and operational efficiency.

Athena, another marvel from Kody Robot, was showcased for its exceptional surveillance capabilities, equipped with AI-based people detection, real-time threat identification, and object recognition. Its adaptability to varied terrains in Gujarat was highlighted, suggesting its potential as a versatile tool for law enforcement agencies across the state.

The event was graced by dignitaries such as Shree Bhupendra Patel, the Chief Minister of Gujarat, and Mr. Vikas Sahay, the Director General of Police, whose presence underscored the state’s commitment to embracing technological advancements in governance and public safety. Their interaction with the robots and the exhibitors underlined the growing recognition of the vital role that technology, particularly robotics and AI, plays in enhancing the capabilities of law enforcement agencies.

Kody Robots’ participation in the Gujarat Police Expo was not just a display of their technological innovations but also a reflection of their ongoing commitment to revolutionizing industries through AI and robotics. Having previously made a mark at the Vibrant Gujarat 2024 Summit, the company continued to demonstrate its prowess in developing solutions that combine innovation with practical utility, especially in sectors as critical as public safety and law enforcement.

The exhibition of Skändä and Athena at the Gujarat Police Expo 2024 was a clear indicator of the evolving landscape of law enforcement, where technology is not just an enabler but a transformative force. The integration of AI-based robots in policing activities signifies a shift towards more data-driven, efficient, and responsive law enforcement practices, which can lead to more secure and safe communities.

The Gujarat Police Expo 2024 thus served as a crucial platform for showcasing the convergence of technology and law enforcement, highlighting the role of AI-powered robots like Skändä and Athena in shaping the future of policing. This event not only showcased the innovations of Kody Robots but also represented a step forward in the journey toward a technologically advanced law enforcement paradigm in Gujarat and beyond.

In conclusion, the Gujarat Police Expo 2024 was a significant milestone in the journey of integrating advanced technologies into public safety mechanisms. Kody Robots’ (powered by Kody Technolab Ltd) humanoid robots, Skändä and Athena, were not just exhibits but were symbols of a new era in policing, where technology and human expertise merge to create a safer, more efficient, and technologically empowered law enforcement infrastructure.