Kody Robots Steals the Show at GITEX Global 2023

16th – 20th Oct 2023
Stall Number
Hall-26, Booth-30
World Trade Center Dubai, UAE

Kody Robots, powered by Kody Technolab, showcased advanced robotic solutions at GITEX Global 2023, wowing attendees with in-house delivery, surveillance, and heavy-duty cleaning robots, leaving a lasting impression. The event was a tech trend hub, providing a glimpse into the digital economy’s future.


The 43rd edition of GITEX Global transformed Dubai’s skyline into a beacon for tech enthusiasts and industry professionals. Over five days, from October 16th to 20th, the event served as a hub for the latest in AI, cloud computing, and cybersecurity.

With a dazzling array of live demos and rich networking opportunities, it was more than just an event; it was the birthplace of future tech alliances and a canvas for the digital economy’s evolution.

Among 6,000 exhibitors and 180,000 tech executives came 180 countries, Kody Robots showcased their prowess. A trio of highly advanced robots – each designed for a specific operational need – became the event’s stars. Spectators were fascinated by live demonstrations of our robots’ capabilities, indicating Kody Robots’ commitment to innovation and practical tech solutions.

Kody Robots Innovation in Action at GITEX

At GITEX Global 2023, Kody Robots showcased how we are pioneering a future where technology enhances human productivity. Our in-house delivery robot, Dasher, exemplified seamless integration into the workplace and restaurants. Its deft navigation and obstacle avoidance moved with purpose and precision and drew the attention of industry leaders.

On the other hand, our surveillance and cleaning robot stood as guardians of safety and sanitation. The surveillance robot, Athena– a sentinel of security, paraded its array of sensors and cameras, demonstrating how it could preventively identify threats and maintain vigilance.

The heavy-duty cleaning robot, Vulcan, emerged as a hero of hygiene, boasting advanced navigation systems to ensure that no corner remains untouched. Its efficiency echoed Kody Robots’ promise of a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Together, these robots presented a cohesive vision of a safer, cleaner, and more efficient tomorrow, highlighting Kody Robots’ drive to blend advanced robotics into everyday business operations.

Indigenous Robots Presented by Kody Robots at GITEX 2023

Dasher – In-house Delivery Robot

Dasher is a friendly in-house delivery robot that automates serving services, minimizing waiting time across restaurant and workplace environments. It can navigate through obstacles and deliver multiple orders simultaneously, ensuring efficiency and precision.

Athena – Surveillance Robot

Athena is a smart surveillance robot providing 360° HD vision, instant security communication, and crystal-clear announcements. With its advanced capabilities, Athena enhances security, ensuring a safe environment wherever it’s deployed.

Vulcan – Cleaning Robot

Vulcan is a cutting-edge cleaning superhero, revolutionizing the game with autonomous cleaning and advanced AI technology. This heavy-duty robot ensures 24/7 pristine, sanitized facilities, acting as a shield against infections in healthcare and industrial spaces.